Emergency Water Supply

Grubo's Emergency Water Supplies

Our fleet of water tankers range from 14,000lt – 30,000lt capacity with high pressure pumping capability. The range of services we offer in the field of emergency water supply is wide and varied, from bulk delivery to system pressurisation and high pressure cleaning, means that whatever your water supply requirements, we can respond. Some of our clients include local, rural and state government departments, local ports and cargo terminals, quarantine agencies and piping system specialists.
Our water supply capabilities include the following:

  • Bulk water delivery during supply shortages;
  • Firefighting support through bulk supply for emergency services;
  • Water system pressurisation for pipe and system testing, up to 800kpa;
  • Water main pressurisation for domestic / commercial supply pressure shortages;
  • Bore replenishment and pressurisation;
  • Dewatering water supply or bulk storage systems;
  • High pressure onsite equipment cleaning;
  • Dust suppression and control;
  • Equipment DRY / WET hire;